Sunday, November 14, 2010

1 step too close to Heaven

When I thought I had a wonderful weekend, this happen. At the same time, I'm quite thankful that I'm alive. It could have been worst. My car is in a very bad shape now and my body hurts alot. Dislocated left arm. Pulled some muscles on the neck. One of my fingernails were bleeding and it still hurts. I could tell from my parents faces that they were very disappointed and had to go through a lot of insurance policy procedure but they know that its just an accident. 

 All that is left. :(

 Look at how close my car is to the drain. The right side front tire is hanging in mid air.

 It doesn't look that bad but trust me it is bad. 
The engine was affected. Coughing and hissing.

 *heart broken*

The bumper is gone. GONE!! sigh.

*A friendly reminder to drive 10 times more careful in the future.*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inroducing me

I feel the need to start blogging again. Updating my Facebook status all the time did not give me the satisfaction I need. Plus, limited text!!

I need to always remind myself that life is not as easy as 1...2...3... Been through the ups and downs and I am still moving forward. The question is why do I need to start blogging again. There are lots of thoughts but I can't actually say it out loud nor complain to any of my friends, can I?? I so do not want to let other people have the impression of me as the one who complains a lot. But I would definitely complain to those closer to me, no doubt bout it. I don't care if they like it or not, I'll still complain to them. hehe... I know they are my good friends, buddies, bff, friends for life.

Ok.... getting out of the topic, moving on. I am actually happy that I start to blog again. Meaning, a new beginning. :D As I were saying, the reason to start blogging again is also because I got into a big accident right in front of my house. It is kinda stupid because it happened right in front of my house when I was driving home at 2am. It is quite late and I was kinda sleepy. But that was not the reason why i got into an accident. The road suddenly went black and next thing I know is that I slam my car onto the divider of the drain. I was so angry of myself coz I know its my fault, but at the same time it isn't. I was 100% aware of what I was doing but shit happens. sigh.

Anyways, this is why it got me started to blog again and it feels good to be back. :DD *wink wink*